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Remote Control Blinds Create Comfortable Spaces

Our homes reflect who we are, our tastes and our success in life. A home’s windows are our eyes on the world.  Well-dressed, they bring beauty, warmth and privacy protection from nosey neighbours or thieves.  Apart from aesthetics, remote control blinds are an investment, adding value and “curb appeal” to your home. Often the most eye-catching feature in a home is having programmable remote-control blinds.

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9 Reasons To Get Powerview Shades From Us:

    1. We Sell The Best In The Business – All Hunter Douglas PowerView blinds carry a five-year warranty on motors and a lifetime limited warranty on everything else. “For us, quality is number one,” says Shauna Bolton, who owns Ashcroft Interior Blinds with her husband Lee. “That’s why we chose to only work with Hunter Douglas products.”
    2. Rise when you do –  When It’s time to get up… up go the remote control blinds.  Increase the sunlight and bring you into the day gently and naturally. Hunter Douglas remote control blinds can be easily programmed to rise when you do (later on the weekends of course!).  They can even automatically adapt each day to rise when the sun does and go down with it too, based on your home’s location.
    3. Programming here, there, anywhere! – Changing the settings on Hunter Douglas remote control blinds is as close as your smartphone or as easy a few words to a smart-home device. PowerView blinds are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant and Apple Homekit.  Leery of too much connectivity? Hunter Douglas remote control blinds can be programmed web-free, using the Pebble remote control, It can live on a table or attach to a wall.
    4. No wiring – Hunter Douglas PowerView  blinds use batteries, so no ugly wires, no walls to break, no adding circuit breakers and  no wiring inspection. The blinds work just as well with rechargeable batteries as disposables.
    5. Safety – Little tykes can easily get into trouble by getting interested in dangling blind cords. The results can be tragic.  That can’t happen with Hunter Douglas remote-control PowerView blinds; there are no cords.
    6. Free measuring – For the best functionality, measuring accuracy is paramount to installing blinds. But that’s no stress for Ashcroft Interior Blinds customers. The firm provides free professional measuring for the blinds they sell, coming to your home anywhere in the service area. The new blinds must be sized within an eighth of an inch, to fit properly in the window space. That ensures perfect privacy while preventing the warping or fabric snagging that can show up later when blinds don’t fit quite right.
    7. Colour is critical – New blinds look best when they align with the décor of your home. Fortunately, Hunter Douglas blinds come in a plethora of pleasing tones to fit virtually any interior colour design.
    8. Preventing UV damageThe sun is strong in the Southern Interior of BC.  Forgetting to pull down the blinds can result in damage to sofas, antique heirlooms, paintings, etc.  But not with Hunter Douglas remote control blinds. They don’t forget.
    9. Warm in winter – Windows are usually the biggest source of heat loss in winter.  The insulating qualities of the honeycomb fabric, available in Hunter Douglas remote-control blinds can beat back winter. The secret is little air pockets, making a difference you can feel — and see, when the heating bill comes.  Honeycomb blinds are Ashcroft’s second most popular choice.


Investing in quality remote-control blinds is long-term.  Yes, box stores have attractive-looking prices, but working with us reduces the hassle. Who wants to buy blinds online only to have them arrive and not fit? Work with us and we’ll make sure that we “measure twice- cut once”. You’ll also appreciate how Shauna and Lee inform you about the progress on your order every step of the way.  Check out our product page for automatic blinds. 


Energy Savings

Honeycomb window treatments have been noted to increase a windows R-value from 3.45-5.00.

Windows lose more heat per square foot in winter months & gain more solar heat in summer months than any other surface in a home. That said, energy experts estimate that 25%- 40% of a homeowners heating & cooling costs is due to heat  gains & losses at the window. Energy used to offset those gains & losses nationwide are predicted to be in the billions. By achieving efficiency at the window, very significant amounts of money & energy can be saved by homeowners.

Cellular or honeycomb shades provide a layer of insulation at the window, trapping hot & cold air alike, at the window, before entering a room. Hunter Douglas takes this another step further with their cell within a cell structure design in Duette Architella Honeycomb Shades. The cell within a cell structure provides up to 6 layers of insulating air pockets. The more cells, the more efficient the shade. For budget-minded homeowners, Hunter Douglas has a line of honeycomb shades called Applause. They come in single & double/triple honeycomb construction at no extra cost in 3/4” pleats in fabrics with a more achievable price point.


How Our Customers Are Using Automated Powerview Shades

The Ashcroft First Nation suffered badly from the wildfires of 2017. Numerous homes were lost.  Since then, the Nation has been rebuilding, with 13 new homes and and elders roundhouse. 

When it came to window treatments, the Nation came to Ashcroft Blind Interiors. “They came here because we’re local, because we offer free measuring and because they wanted a quality product,” says owner Shauna Bolton. 

“They didn’t want something cheap. They wanted value over the long term. They wanted quality blinds that would last years and years, looking good and working well.”  


A local Ashcroft family who winters in Mexico was concerned that blinds closed all day would make it obvious they were away, an open invitation to burglary.  The solution: programmable remote-controlled blinds. Now, the blinds go up and down with the sun, programmed to match the changing days, no matter whether they are home or away.  One could argue that programmable blinds are a more effective deterrent to thieves than an alarm. Response time to alarms in rural areas makes theme ineffective at best. 


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